Production lines Facem S.p.A.


Since 1938, FACEM, Fabbrica di Articoli Casalinghi E Metallurgici (factory for household and metallurgical items), is active in the hot and warm steel forging industry and is a modern industrial company with a production structure focused on the maximum versatility.

Steel forging is the main soul of the company. We serve forged blanks for the automotive, motorcycle, trucks, earth moving, spare parts and transmissions industries.



The company is owned since four generations by the Rolle family, who still manages it and occupies 120 employees. It is located in Canavese, a valley that since the Middle Ages is renowned worldwide for the steel processing, with plants Forno Canavese and Valperga.

Its nine production lines , mechanical presses from 500 to 2500 tons promptly provide our customers with more than ten thousand tons of steel each year, components which are exported for around the 40% abroad, mainly in Germany and France.

A large stock of raw materials, an R&D center, an internal tool shop, the heat treatment and a department for machining preparations; these are all elements that ensure our customers the ability to meet all their needs with controlled quality and reduced lead-time, posing Facem as a major player in the production of forgings in Europe.

Our products, made according to the customer’s specifications and, where possible, in co-optimized design, are produced in carbon, alloyed, micro-alloyed, quenched and tempered, casehardening and stainless steels. Our range allows us to realize medium and large series from 0.1 to 35 kg with a maximum outer diameter of 300mm.

Giovanni Battista Rolle
President  – FACEM S.p.A.