The Compnay  FACEM  was born in Canavese, in the Turin District, North-West of Italy, where it’s active with two plants in Forno Canavese and Valperga, all within a range of 10 km.

The two productive plants differentiate for their forging technologies: in Forno Canavese there are six productions lines with manual and semi-automatic presses, while the three lines in Valperga are all fully automatic.


The Valperga plant occupies a surface of 27.000 sqm and was opened in 2003 and doubled in 2016. After sixty years of activity, it was necessary to create new space for the company continous expansion.

In this location there is the commercial department, the raw materials deposit, the shearing department, the heat treatment and the logistics and shipping departments.


Forno Canavese

The historical venue of the company, on a total surface of 15.000 sqm. In this location there are the administrative offices, the R&D department, the toolshop, and six production lines.

In addition, also the Foodtech division of FACEM takes place in this plant, with its own production, warehouse, R&D and shipping departments.